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Drop in anchor E M 10, a4 aisi316, 12x40mm, M10x15

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Technical specifications:
Material drop in anchor E=stainless steel a4 aisi316
Drill hole=12mm
Drill hole depth=40mm
Description drop in anchor E:
The Drop-in Anchor E A4 and E HCR is approved for the use in non-cracked concrete (ETA, Option 7) and for multiple use of non-structural applications in cracked concrete (ETAG part 6). The improved design with two step cone allows safe, fast and easy expansion and reduces anchor spacings and edge distances. Load test after installation are no longer required according to the approvals.
Appliction :Attaching suspended ceilings, ventilation and sprinkler systems, structural steel, brackets and threaded rods.

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Drop in anchor E M 10, a4 aisi316, 12x40mm, M10x15

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