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Grill briquet Cobble Stone, Cobb

%-box: 6 pieces

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2,14€/piece(incl. 19% VAT)

(incl. 19% VAT)

Delivery time:
ca. 2-3 Days
Shipping 4,50€*

Product Model:

Technical specifications:
Cobble stone grill briquet made from=coconuts
Cobble stone grill briquet burning duration=approx. 2,5h
Cobble Stone briquets are ecofriendly! No fire starter needed
Lighting Cobble Stone grill briquet in the middle with a lighter - after 2 minutes you can start grill - glows for approx. 2,5 hours!

Grill briquet Cobble Stone, Cobb
Grill briquet Cobble Stone, Cobb

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*) Flat shipping fee with unlimited aricles per order.

   All characteristics responding to manufacturer. Technical modifications reserved.

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