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Solar dome vent, 215mm

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outer diameter Ø=215mm
Installation diameter Ø=125mm
On / off switch, ventilation switch, day and night operation thanks to integrated rechargeable battery, stainless steel cover 

Solar Fan provides easy ventilation of boats, whether or not the yacht is on the move, providing a simple solution in places where using a power supply would be too complicated or too expensive. Since no cabling is needed, solar fans can be installed easily.

Solar fans are powered by daylight and sunlight and then provide movement in the air when they are needed most.

The fans of SMART SOLAR are 215 mm wide, with a height of 35 mm above the surface, after installation. All models fit into a round opening of maximum 125 mm diameter and can be switched off by hand. The fans should be installed in a sunny spot, as the performance depends on the levels of light available during the day. These fan models promote up to 25m3 per hour.

The series 300 is additionally equipped with a rechargeable NiMH battery (micro cell / AAA) which is charged during the day.

By pressing the "Boost" button in the evening, the fan, powered by the battery, can be activated for about 10 minutes. After that, the fan shuts off automatically.

The fan is splash-proof but not waterproof

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Solar dome vent, 215mm
Solar dome vent, 215mm
Solar dome vent, 215mm

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